Its opinions are our commandments. Its judgments are our last resort. Its decrees are infallible. Its word is final. Its rule is law.


We may disagree with it. We may question it. We may even seek to change it. But we do not dispute its authority.


We acknowledge it alone as having the ultimate prerogative to determine right and wrong, good and evil, life and death.


When it is just, we follow it. When it errs, we follow it.

Disobedience to it is considered treason.


When we are attacked, it is the refuge to which we run, the name which we invoke. It offers salvation to those who put their trust in it. We lay our problems at its feet to resolve.


Though it may be slow to save, yet our faith in it only deepens. Its members are our messiahs. The one who appoints them is our high priest. Its only standard is itself. We study its words as sacred script. We conform our actions and statutes to its proclamations. It is supreme over all laws. It is sovereign over all authorities.

All must bow before it. It is our god.

The Supreme Idol

Is it too harsh to say that most people put more faith in the high court of the federal judiciary than they do in God?


Is it too harsh to say that Americans by and large honor and obey the Supreme Court more than they do God?


Whether those statements are too harsh is irrelevant. Are they true?


Consider the case of abortion in America.


In 1973, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Roe versus Wade. In that decision, the Court purported to strike down a Texas law which prohibited most abortions. Since that decision, over 60 million human babies have been slain in the womb.


How many Americans responded like this: “The Supreme Court is dead wrong. Legalizing the murder of innocent children is evil and we will not obey this ruling.”


How many American leaders said that then? How many American leaders would say that today? How many Christians would even say that?


Almost none.


No, instead of defying evil, we have willingly submitted ourselves to it for the last 43 years. We have chosen not to deny the Court’s authority to legalize the slaughter of the innocents, but to validate it.

We write our laws being ever so careful to comply with the Court’s opinions. We parse its decisions looking for loopholes and gaps that we can exploit. We work so hard to find vulnerabilities with its rulings while being ever so careful not to challenge its authority.


When the incremental, compromised laws we write are challenged, we return to the Court asking for permission to continue regulating murder. We say, “May it please the Court,” and are grateful when it gives us crumbs.


No institution may overrule God. No institution may decriminalize murder.


Yet of those who hate the Court’s decision almost none call it illegitimate. To the contrary, our response is merely that we must change the membership of the Court. To this end, we give our votes to anyone who tickles our ears. Our litmus test for presidential candidates is that they lie to us. They must only tell us what we want to hear: “we will nominate pro-life justices, then things will change”. We believe them. We repeatedly put our faith in them, no matter how consistently they miscarry it.


The Supreme Court says that evil must be allowed to run rampant in our land. But if God commands one thing, and the Court commands another, whom do we obey?


If we are unwilling to say no to the Court, what have we made it?


If we are unwilling to say no to evil, what does that make us?

Why We Can’t Put Our Trust
in the Supreme Court


It’s a common and oft repeated mantra that the key in the fight against abortion is electing Republican presidents who will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.


But how has this strategy played out in reality?


The truth is that of the original nine justices who issued that wicked decree, six were Republican appointees, and only one of those dissented. The truth is that of the last 49 years, the White House has been occupied by Republican presidents for 29 of them. The truth is that, from 1973 to 1992, every single Supreme Court Justice appointed after Roe v. Wade was appointed by a Republican president. All but one of the justices who voted for Roe v. Wade were replaced by Republican appointees in the intervening time. Nevertheless, in 1992, four of those six new Republican appointees voted in Planned Parenthood v. Casey not to overturn Roe, but to affirm and double-down on it. At this rate of Republican presidents appointing two pro-Roe justices to every one against, Roe will never be overturned.


The truth is that we’ve placed our faith in men, not in God. In worldly wisdom, not in the Creator of the Universe.

We are a Nation in Rebellion to God

We live in a world where 40 to 50 million children are murdered in their mothers’ wombs every year through modern forms of child sacrifice.


In the United States of America, over 2 million children are murdered every year by various forms of human abortion. Over 3,200 babies are poisoned to death or ripped to pieces every day inside local child sacrifice centers; thousands more are destroyed each day by over-the-counter abortifacient drugs and devices and the use of reproductive technologies that inevitably result in the extermination of human life.


The United States is a country founded upon the principle that “all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Yet, we have betrayed the spirit of this declaration from the founding of our nation and have consistently failed to uphold its ideals.

Abortion is our Holocaust

Did you know that there were more than 50 million church-going christians living in nazi germany who did nothing to stand against hitler’s culture of death?


Nearly all Church bodies and Christian institutions from the rise of the Third Reich through the final days of the Holocaust confined themselves to their own local spheres of influence. They compromised with Nazi principles in order to protect their own authority and ecclesiastical autonomy. They sought to preserve the practice of assembling together for preaching, prayer, and religious ceremony while the Nazi culture of death engulfed the land.


History shows that even the churches most opposed to Hitler’s program of racial cleansing were slow to act and reluctant to express any social or political opposition. The churches that were sympathetic to the plight of the Jews did not help the few Christian individuals and groups who chose to stand up boldly against the Nazi Regime but instead opposed them.


Leaders and congregants within German churches adopted a general approach of caution with respect to protest while bowing in compliance to the Nazi State in order to preserve themselves.


Survivors of the Holocaust lamented how frequently people would say they were “just doing their jobs,” referring both to those who participated in the extermination of the Jews and to the common man who turned a blind eye to the Holocaust. Many simply claimed that they were living lives consistent with those of their pastors, priests, and elders.




Christians today often compare the horrors of the Holocaust to the evils of our own age and point to the secular, statist, eugenic, and Darwinian views adopted by the Nazis as the chief cause for the Jewish Holocaust. But what about examining the attitudes and actions of the so-called Christian people living in Germany at the time?


When Hitler came to power, 97 percent of the German population considered itself Christian (two-thirds Protestant, one-third Catholic), and while a great many of these were no doubt merely nominal believers, it is a fact of history that there were millions upon millions of fervent professing followers of Jesus Christ who were serious about their faith and active in their local congregations. As historian Robert Ericksen documents in his book Complicity in the HolocaustCambridge University Press, 2012,

“Germany in the 1930s almost certainly represented church attendance and a sense of Christian commitment and identity similar to that in America today.”

Indeed, those Christians who came to acknowledge the German Church’s complicity in the Holocaust confessed that although their Church was orthodox as far as her doctrine was concerned, they were no longer sure that they were members of a Church which followed its Lord. The fact that millions of their neighbors and fellow image-bearers had been taken away to death in their midst demanded such an examination and subsequent confession.


Can this be believed?


Millions of professing followers of Jesus Christ sitting idly by while millions of their neighbors are taken away to death?! Millions of bible-believing christians continuing to “go to church” while GoD’s image-bearers Are Brutally exterminated Down the street? WE KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE FROM HISTORY, BUT THERE IS ANOTHER REASON WE CAN BELIEVE IT…



Here we are again. Humans murdering humans in horrific, violent, immeasurably cruel ways while masses of Christians stand silently by. In Nazi Germany, 11 million men, women, and children were systematically captured, tortured, and slaughtered in gruesome, unthinkable ways. Not only Jews but also dissident Christians, Poles, Gypsies, and the mentally handicapped were dehumanized and murdered for being “Lebensunwertes Leben” or “Life unworthy of life.” After they had been killed, their bodies were “destroyed by fire.” In fact, the term “holocaust” means “destroyed by fire,” and long before it was used to refer to Hitler’s “Final Solution” it was used to refer to child sacrifice (Jeremiah 19:4-5).


Children today are taken away to death. They are suffocated, sliced apart, and incinerated. The smallest, weakest, and most innocent among us are labeled “life unworthy of life,” sacrificed to the false god of self, and murdered every minute before the eyes of the living God (Psalm 11:4). Their body parts are traded for money and experimented on in labs. They are stacked in freezers like meat. They are flushed down toilets like excrement. Their bodies are destroyed by fire. Abortion is our holocaust.


These children are our culture’s “fatherless prey” (Isaiah 10:1-2; Psalm 94:6). They are the orphans that God repeatedly told us to protect and visit in their affliction (James 1:27; Isaiah 1:16). They are the innocent whom we are commanded to defend from the evildoer (Proverbs 29:7; Psalm 7:9, 82:3, 94:16). They are the mute for whom we have been commanded to speak (Proverbs 31:8-9). They are those we have been commanded to rescue (Proverbs 24:11-12; Psalm 82:4). They are the wounded neighbor on the side of the roads we travel (Luke 10: 25-37).


We are a nation of murderers and bad neighbors. We are a nation inhabited by millions and millions of Christians who confess the name of the Lord Jesus Christ but who are at peace with child sacrifice. The state of our Bible-believing churches is identical with that of the churches in Germany during the Nazi Holocaust.


Something is very wrong with the state of the Church in America when our most conservative, bible-believing, elder-led, theologically orthodox, and self-ascribed “healthy churches” not only share the same roads with child-sacrifice centers but shepherd their people to believe that loving the “least of these” being murdered in their midst is contrary to the “mission of the church” or inconsistent with “keeping the main thing the main thing” (Luke 11:42).

What does this say about the state of our religion (James 1:27, Amos 5:21-24)? What does it say about the state of our salt (Matthew 5:13)? what does it say about the fate of our nation and its religious leaders (Matthew 25:31-45)?


Is God pleased with our abundance of buildings, multi-million dollar denominations and multitudinous para-church ministries when we are guilty of neglecting the “weightier matters” of His Law (Matthew 23:23; Luke 11:42)? Does He listen to our prayers, accept our worship, or take pleasure in our constant conferences, ceaseless sermon series, solemn assemblies, and worship festivals when we are blindly indifferent to injustice and almost entirely uninterested in mercy (Isaiah 1; Amos 5)? Do we not take seriously the numerous Scriptural passages where God demands we put our faith in action and be doers of His word and not just hearers? Can we truly say that we love Him when we do not do what He says? The Lord has repeatedly instructed us through His Law, His prophets, and His apostles that He has washed us clean so that we can do His work in the world exposing and destroying works of darkness, removing grave evils from before His eyes, correcting oppression, bringing justice in His name to the fatherless, abandoned, and oppressed (Isaiah 58; Jeremiah 21-22; Ezekiel 33; Amos 5; Micah 6; Ephesians 5; 1 John).


All we are asking you to do is to search the scriptures, examine yourselves and one another, and follow Christ in response to what you have seen and read!




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We Are All Guilty

It is easy for us to condemn the German Holocaust because very few of us were complicit in the killing of Jews. It’s easy to build memorials and point our fingers at how bad they were in that time. No society in the midst of a genocide examines itself and condemns itself as guilty. Nor do individuals in the midst of such societies view themselves as complicit.


Only afterward do people look back and ask “How could people allow this to happen?” Only afterward do we read the accounts of men and women who stood in bold opposition to their cultures and admire their bravery, and believe ourselves to be cut from the same cloth.


And even afterward, none of us look at the complacent masses of times past and identify ourselves with them. But perhaps we ought to.

Today, as in the past, the reality of mass murder is denied and masked by euphemisms, dehumanizing rhetoric, utilitarianism, bad hermeneutics, the inertia of the cares of the world, selfishness, greed and cold hearts. God is being rejected and these rationalizations of the worst evils are the fruit.


The fact that we systematically slaughter millions of children every year proves we are in the midst of our own holocaust. The evidence is irrefutable. Abortion cannot be defended as a right. And the apathy of our society in regards to these defenseless victims is utterly indefensible.


This is our holocaust. Our only hope is Jesus Christ as the one true God who frees us from all sin. Our only hope is that His people would rise up and proclaim the truth of
His Gospel and demand immediate abolition. Join us in this fight for justice.